Silly Muffins now available for purchase

BBNY Inc., has launched the official Silly Muffins Twitter account. The Twitter handle known as @SillyMuffins will now be tweeting a customer base of baking fans. The Silly Muffins Pan Twitter account will allow fans around the world to engage in a way they have never experienced before.

Though the Silly Muffins Twitter account has only been active for two weeks and the Silly Muffins has over 10,000 active Twitter followers worldwide.

The Silly Muffins Pan already has an impressive online presence on its website. Today’s launches mark the next phase in the enhancement of the Silly Muffins social media offering, with further new products and platform to be discuss experience of baking using the Silly Muffins Pan.

If baking is any at all, it’s an art of love. A love that gets passed from generation to generation. This Twitter page will allow baking fans the opportunities to share recipes and their stories to each other. Followers can Tweet a picture of their Silly Muffins creations to receive a retweet from @SillyMuffins official account.

BBNY Inc has gone on record to say, “Connecting with our followers is a key part of our business strategy.” “We have invested a lot time and resource into providing the best products for consumers.”

BBNY Inc recently announced that the Silly Muffins Pan is officially on sale at at . Consumers have been raving to the company about the product has enhanced their baking experience. Now with an official Twitter account, more baking fans will be able to connect directly with the company to share their experiences.

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